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My letter - The People - 04-15-2015

Today I sat down to write the letter about funding etc. and had posted a copy of each part for feedback. - 2 letters. I cannot find them and cannot find where I saved my originals. Can anybody tell me where they are? MD you are always good at that stuff.

It is a very long letter so editing will be needed and had been asked for when I brought up the idea. I will also need an email address. I have seen it but... I am a multie ya know! Wink

RE: My letter - The People - 04-15-2015

Found it! Love that aspect of the site where we can go back and find old postings. Now I need an email address so it can be perused, grammar checked and added to before I send it out. I have no issue with using the body name in order to do this as it will be a requirement of accessing funding. I know it is but cannot remember what comes before @

RE: My letter - Tangled Web - 04-16-2015

It is Hope this helps.

RE: My letter - The People - 04-19-2015

Yes thanks! Letter sent.