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We need sign for 'cross your fingers' - The People - 03-19-2015

Last night MD mention that one of the challenges we faced is that we have a shortage of tech people. No I didn't develop these overnight. What I did remember is that I know someone who teaches such things. This man is not DID. May not even have issues. But his long term partner who passed away a few years ago did so he is empathetic and I am sure would be trustworthy. A very kind man.

I cannot say that he will help. or that he knows the program that was mentioned. It will not hurt to ask however. I have a call in to him. He is a bit on the shy side so I just hope he phones back.

RE: We need sign for 'cross your fingers' - MakersDozn - 03-27-2015

Thanks. Again, much appreciated.