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For MD - The People - 03-18-2015

We had a bit of a chat about rearranging the site in order to bring in new people, make it easier to find us. I just switched to Google Chrome and while I am having a heluva time finding anything I found these images. Nothing else, just the images.

RE: For MD - The People - 03-18-2015

I did a quick search and since you already went in depth I just glanced at them. Then I went to our front page. The biggest thing that seems to be missing are 4 words. Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group. That is what all of the top shows have in common and what we don't have on our front page. Wish I knew how to help.

RE: For MD - MakersDozn - 03-27-2015

Thanks. We appreciate all of your effort with this.