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Happy 2014! - MakersDozn - 01-01-2014

It's time for a party....

[Image: prty4079.gif]

So we brought some balloons....

[Image: balloo31.gif]

Hats and noisemakers.....

[Image: prtyfvrs.gif]

[Image: nsmkr15.gif]

[Image: nsmkr19.gif]

Lots of junk food....

[Image: junkfood.gif]

So we can dance....

[Image: party143.gif]

Til midnight....

[Image: countdwn.gif]

When the ball drops!

[Image: balldrop.gif]


Happy New Year!

MD Kids :-)

RE: Happy 2014! - mosaic - 01-01-2014

Cool party!!!

RE: Happy 2014! - Tangled Web - 01-01-2014

AWESOME!! Happy New Years!! Smile

RE: Happy 2014! - MakersDozn - 01-01-2014

Thank you both very much! And we worked hard figuring out how to do this with our new computer which we got in June. Cuz it has Windows 8.1 which is different. And you can only put five attachments in one message so we cannot upload them all. So only the year picture. And the rest are on our website.

And happy new year to you two too! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

Joseph M. Party Hat Smile
P.S. And this is ginger ale. ---> Rootbeer

RE: Happy 2014! - nats - 01-04-2014

Happy new year!

RE: Happy 2014! - MakersDozn - 01-05-2014

(01-04-2014, 01:12 PM)nats Wrote: Happy new year!

And happy new year to you too nats!

Joseph :-)