Community Service & Support

Mosaic Minds has shown itself to be a community of responsible and caring individuals who are concerned not only with their own individual healing, but with that of others who learned to dissociate to survive the trauma they experienced.

While it does take financial support for Mosaic Minds to stay online and available to all, there are many other ways you can support Mosaic Minds. Each of you who shares from your heart with others on the community forums helps Mosaic Minds fulfill its mission.

You may volunteer to help out on one of the increasing number of volunteer committees, such as the recently announced Newsletter Committee. As funds become available, Mosaic Minds plans to make its Books and More Store and Reading Room more interactive, so that the resources listed can be rated by community members as to their usefulness and accuracy. Committees will be forming in the near future to work on these ideas, and volunteers are welcome.

You can also contribute to things such as the Staying Safe pages and the Therapy/Therapist Assessment pages (still in the planning stages). These will help educate and inform not only dissociatives and their loved ones, but also the general public about the issues and concerns faced by those living as many in a primarily monominded world.

In short, while financial support is necessary for Mosaic Minds to be a visible presence providing information and support for so many, it is the community itself which gives Mosaic Minds its true value.

We thank each of you for your continued support of Mosaic Minds.